Mandalin Apartment is architected by award wining architects Yavuz Canöz and Şevkiye Erdal.

Mandalin Apartment



Project Details

Flats are 110 m²
 Totally 31 Flats | Totally 8 Floors with a Ground Floor
Ground Floor: 3 Flats | 1 to 7 Floor: 4 Flats
All Flats are 2+1 (2 Room, 1 Living Room, 2 Bathroom and WC)
Central Heating System (LPG and Natural Gas)
Central Power Generator (Full Power), Exterior Sheathing
Double Elevator, Camera System, Security at the Entrance
One Car Parking Area for Each Flat



Flats are 110 m²
Totally 31 flats | Totally 8 floors with a ground floor
Ground floor: 3 Flats | 1 to 7 floor: 4 Flats
All Flats are 2+1 (2 Room, 1 Living Room, 2 Bathroom and WC)
Central heating system (Compatible for LPG and natural gas infrastructure)
Central power generator, Exterior sheathing
Double Elevator, Camera system, Security at the entrance
1 Car parking area for each flat

Floor Plans

Ground Floor Plans

1 to 7 Floor Plans

Represent 3D Visuals of Mandalin Apartment

Ground Floor 3D Visuals

1 to 7 Floor 3D Visuals

  • 3D visuals of all floors were prepared as a representation and for easy visualization. 
  • The furniture and equipment in 3D visuals of 1 to 7 floor are just for representation.
    They are not delivery commitment of Mustafa Sözen İnşaat Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi.
  • The design and application of 3D visuals of ground floor can be modified by the contractor.
  • 3D architectural renders are crafted by draftsman and CG artist Gürkan Aydoğdu.


Mustafa Sözen İnşaat Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi,
reserves the right of cancellation and changing of all documents and informations including text, 
audio and visual for standards and application rules.




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